IBEX Base (26.05.2020) : 38.59 BGN, 37316.90 MWh, IBEX Peak (26.05.2020) : 41.63 BGN 19464.7 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (26.05.2020) : 35.56 BGN 17852.2 MWh

Transactions on Intraday market segment
 24.04.2020 17:19

Dear trading participants,
The accession of Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange EAD (IBEX) to the Single European Intraday market-Single Intraday Coupling - SIDC (former XBID) has led to manifold increase in the liquidity and depth of the market which has offered more opportunities for concluding transactions by trading participants. 
Despite the advantages listed above, IBEX once again draws attention to an important change that occurred immediately after our accession to SIDC-namely the lack of an option for cancellation of transactions (Mistrade).
Therefore, one of the changes provided for in the Intraday Market Segment Operational Rules, which IBEX is proposing in the draft Operational Rules for Organized Power Exchange Market submitted to the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC), is all provisions regulating the procedure for cancellation of transactions to be deleted.
It is important to note that the Warning preference, Limit preference and Highest quantity functionalities minimize the risk of technical mistakes in the submission of bids and offers and the power exchange operator always emphasizes on their application during the trainings for operation with the Electronic Trading System (ETS). Via the appropriate settings of the functionalities referred to each person responsible for trading can limit the possibility for transactions being concluded at extreme prices where ETS will warn the trading participant in case of an attempt to submit a bid/offer which falls beyond the price and quantity parameters set or will not allow the respective bid/offer to be submitted.
Further to the above, IBEX once again requests all active participants on the Intraday market segment to be responsible and careful when they trade and to use the safeguards that ETS offers them.

30.04.2020 15:04
New bank account for CMBC
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29.12.2017 17:12
Changes in the CMBC Rules

28.12.2017 18:12
Bank guarantee specimen

20.11.2017 12:11
REMIT Implementation News
21.04.2017 15:04
Kozloduy NPP planned outage


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All NEMOs Consultation
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Kozloduy NPP planned outage
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Duty phone number
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Date calculation delay
19.01.2016 13:01
REMIT Data Reporting
17.08.2015 10:08
Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) officially launches the company website.
The IBEX team strongly believes that this initiative will significantly contribute to the effective and useful communication between the exchange operator and current, future and potential partners and customers of the company

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