IBEX Base (04.06.2020) : 42.79 BGN, 35595.70 MWh, IBEX Peak (04.06.2020) : 45.54 BGN 19062.1 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (04.06.2020) : 40.05 BGN 16533.6 MWh

20.11.2019 14:41

Mr. Konstantin Konstantinov, the executive director of IBEX (on the left) and Mr. Angelin Tsachev, the executive director of ESO (in the middle) formally signed an agreement regulating the commitments of the two companies arising from the accession of the Bulgarian electricity market to the Single Intraday Coupling. Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov, the Chairperson of the Bulgarian  regulator, attended the signing ceremony. 
15.04.2019 14:49

The average daily volume traded exceeded the forecasted by over 20%
06.12.2018 11:00

EEX further extends its offering for South-Eastern Europe – Derivatives trading to cover 20 European market areas in 2019
05.12.2018 11:00

xbidOver 6.3 million trades completed in XBID. Expansion of XBID into further countries expected summer 2019. Harmonisation of Gate Opening Times from 1st January 2019 will be communicated locally by Transmission System Operators.
16.04.2018 17:27

Bulgaria and Macedonia signed a Memorandum for coupling of the Day ahead markets of the two countries under auspices of WB6 energy connectivity initiative

20.10.2016 17:03

Following the forthcoming developments of the integration process in the region of SEE, and in compliance with the national agenda for establishing a Power Exchange market in Republic of Macedonia, representatives of IBEX, the Bulgarian power exchange and the Electricity Market Operator OPEE division of MEPSO, held a management meeting in Skopje on the 13th of October 2016.
22.07.2015 10:20

The Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) and Nord Pool Spot today (Wednesday 22 April 2015) announced the signing of a Cooperation Agreement, aiming to prepare and facilitate the  implementation of the first competitive Bulgarian day-ahead power market that will be extended with an intraday market at a later stage

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