IBEX Base (25.08.2019) : 79.63 BGN, 22157.90 MWh, IBEX Peak (25.08.2019) : 87.21 BGN 12101.7 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (25.08.2019) : 72.05 BGN 10056.2 MWh

IBEX team participated in a donation campaign
 11.01.2019 12:14

The team of the Independent Bulgarian energy exchange (IBEX) was involved in a donation campaign to raise funds for the treatment of a child diagnosed with an oncological illness. The funds were raised at a special auction where the employees of IBEX were bidding for the Christmas and New Year's gifts, kindly provided by the partners of the power exchange operator.

More about the donation campaign for the treatment of Vivian Kostova can be found on the following link: Future for Vivi.

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