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Kick-off meeting for trilateral market coupling HR-RS-BG
Joint press release
 28.02.2019 12:00

The kick-off meeting for initiation of the trilateral market coupling project between Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria (HR-RS-BG) was successfully held on 13th February, 2019 in Belgrade. The meeting was attended by all main stakeholders - TSO’s (HOPS, EMS and ESO EAD), PX’s (CROPEX, SEEPEX and IBEX) and national regulatory authorities (HERA, AERS and EWRC).

The Initiative was welcomed by all parties involved.  A joint commitment was confirmed to provide all necessary efforts and resources in order to ensure project feasibility and its timely implementation. Final goal of this project is to implement trilateral market coupling within MRC framework which is expected to provide long-term benefits for market participants and consumers within the current initiative.

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