IBEX Base (24.08.2019) : 97.95 BGN, 23286.30 MWh, IBEX Peak (24.08.2019) : 97.50 BGN 12520.1 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (24.08.2019) : 98.40 BGN 10766.2 MWh

Planned dynamic tests in compliance with the Program for power increase of Nuclear Unit 5 of NPP Kozloduy
 13.07.2019 10:14

In reference with the obligation for public disclosure of information in accordance with art. 20 and art. 23 from the Market Conduct Rules IBEX provide you with the following information:

Production unit: Unit №5 of NPP Kozloduy
Starting point of the event: 13.07.2019; 09:00 h
Planned end of the event: 14.07.2019; 09:00 h
Planned duration of the event: 24 hours
Event type: Planned
Cause of the event: Planned switching off of a main circulation pump and automatic power decrease to 50 % 
Installed capacity: 1040 MW
Available capacity for the market: 530 MW
Unavailable capacity for the market: 510 MW
Fuel type: Nuclear

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