IBEX Base (08.03.2021) : 120.47 BGN, 79928.00 MWh, IBEX Peak (08.03.2021) : 134.03 BGN 44152.5 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (08.03.2021) : 106.91 BGN 35775.5 MWh

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UMM details
Active - Planned - TPP_MI2_G2
Message ID0000000000000000000000195_005
Event statusActive
Type of UnavailibilityPlanned
Type of EventProduction unavailability
Publication date/time2021/03/01 09:31
Event Start (ЕЕТ)2020/11/18 18:05
Event Stop (ЕЕТ)2021/03/19 00:00
Unit of MeasurementMW
Unavailable Capacity, MW165
Available Capacity, MW0
Installed Capacity in MW, MW165
Reason for the UnavailabillityTrading schedule
RemarksIn reserve on a commercial schedule.
Fuel TypeFossil Brown coal/Lignite
Bidding Zone10YCA-BULGARIA-R
Affected Asset or UnitTPP_MI2_G2
Unit EIC Code32W001100100042M
Market participantTPP MARITSA EAST 2 EAD
Market Participant ACER CodeA00033664.BG

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