IBEX Base (09.07.2020) : 77.42 BGN, 47019.90 MWh, IBEX Peak (09.07.2020) : 82.46 BGN 26062.9 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (09.07.2020) : 72.38 BGN 20957.0 MWh
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In accordance to art. 20 of the Market conduct rules (MCR), Market participants shall publicly disclose inside information which they possess with regard to the businesses or facilities that they or their parent undertaking own or control, no later than 60 minutes after the occurrence of the events as defined in art. 24 of the MCR.
In order to fulfil these obligations, the relevant information should be published by registering urgent market message in accordance with the Instruction for publishing inside information on the IBEX website and shall include at least the data specified in Art. 23 of the MCR.

Market participants that will use the service provided by IBEX shall submit a duly completed Up-to-date Reporting Data Statement, after which they will get access to their user account.

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