IBEX Base (22.07.2019) : 118.73 BGN, 22635.60 MWh, IBEX Peak (22.07.2019) : 130.62 BGN 12746.0 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (22.07.2019) : 106.84 BGN 9889.6 MWh
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UMM info

In accordance to art. 20 of the Market conduct rules (MCR), the market participants, registered on the organized power exchange are obliged to disclose information to the public and provide IBEX with this information, no later than 60 minutes after the occurrence of the events defined in art. 24 of the MCR.
In order to fulfil these obligations, the relevant information should be sent to the following email address of IBEX:
umm@ibex.bg  and contain at least the data under art. 23 of the MCR.

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