IBEX Base (28.02.2020) : 81.77 BGN, 35741.50 MWh, IBEX Peak (28.02.2020) : 84.94 BGN 18609.6 MWh, IBEX Off-Peak (28.02.2020) : 78.60 BGN 17131.9 MWh
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The Risk Management System RMS (RMS) grants all trading participants with personalized access to information regarding the total and free financial limit for submission of bids and initiation of auctions. The total amount of the financial limit is determined by the amount of the available collateral, excluding the amount of the Minimum collateral in accordance with the Tariff of Fees.
A financial limit blocked under a concluded transaction is released after receiving the following form:

In case the collateral amount needs to be increased, IBEX EAD accepts collateral of one or a combination of the following forms:

  • An amount paid to the account:

IBAN: BG57 TTBB 9400 1527 0529 97
BANK: Expressbank AD

In case all the conditions of releasing collateral are met, IBEX proceeds only after receiving a written request from the trading participant. The request shall take the following form:

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